Nicola and his mission

(translated by  Mariangela Di Filippo, Caserta)

Oh Lord, accept our “thank You”!

More than twenty years have already passed since August 28th 1985 when “God’s divine Mind wanted Heaven to be joyful and excited of a new presence“: yours, dear Nicola.

Thanks, Nicola, for every tear you shed, for the oustanding patience you showed in that very hot month of August in the hospital and for the ill people gathered around you, thanks for the courage and the kindness you had during the three hours of daily medication without anaesthetic, thanks for having offered yourself as a victim also for all of us. We all see, as time goes by, the fruits of your sacrifice in our life and also in the life of people who have “met” you. “Nicola, how much infinitive love in your heart, you are where Love calls you. You love without pretending to be returned because in you Jesus’ heart beats“.

“ ..Your hands cover the body of those who invoke you..“: how many physical healings Nicola, proved by the medical science on your behalf! Tumour recovery, cerebral aneurisma…; how many surgeries you have assisted personally . Many claim to have seen you: in 1986, for a while, even a blind man saw you while praying at Ulzio’s cave in Turin. But you are, above all, a pillar of faith for those who got closer to the Love of the Holy Divinity. Here is your mission: you are the Apostle of faith, promulgator of God’s Kingdom. How many convertions, thanks to you, operated through those which God our Father defines ” The pearls of the Gospel”, your books, so hated by our enemy: in 1988 there was a strange stopping of the printing machine while working for the first volume. The aim of Nicola’s books is to purify the theology from negative influence, is communicating the truth oriented to the conquest of Good and give back peace stimolating the faith. They represent the clear testimony of he who has lived and accepted the suffering, they are the direct testimony of Nicola, that, through faith has seen the friendly face of pain. Jesus himself in the message of March 7th 1989 says about Nicola: “..He is My Truth. ” and, moreover, in the message of March 24th 1989 says “..Nicola’s book is not like the other books”. And Nicola himself in the message of September 27th 1989 warns those who despise the book or express opinions without having read it: ”..mum, it’s not man that judges the book but the book that judges man..

Nicola, “ always bring messages of peace and love..“: up to now, during twenty years, twelve books have been written and you communicated to us more than 2000 messages.

Thanks to your books, all those who got close to them with a pure heart have realized that through you and your mother, God our Father has created a perfect channel that is to say free from negative influences, which can’t be attacked, even from the entire hell, in order to testify , how God’s plan of Salvation has been carried on in the history of Mankind; to testify the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, by God ab aeterno prepared and announced in Eden by Lucifer’s anathema : “ a Woman will crush you the head“. That Woman entered the History 2000 years ago, Hail Mary, granting us the Saviour , and by the end of times chooses you, Nicola, to fulfil God’s anathema and you, miserable sinner, have become Her masterpiece of Grace making Jesus exclaim as follows: “Nicola has so much imitated Me that for this reason I have raised him to a place above the angels…he is the Archangel Nicola defender of Hail Mary to testify that man resurrects never to die again.” The missing piece of this mosaic of Salvation is your Beatification, Nicola, asked directly from the Heavenly Mother on March 3rd 1992. On August 21st 1994 Hail Mary defined Herself the postulator of Nicola’s Beatification.

In the message of September 23rd 1986 we read :..the proof of Nicola sanctity will be given from His body …. intact that will show not even more the wounds of his surgeries. In the message of April 20th 1987 it is said:” …People will come to kiss Nicola’s body and will be healed… Sabaudia will become the centre of mystic serenity ”. We also read in the message of July 23rd 1992 as it follows: “ Nicola’s cause needs not proofs but men in love with the Truth“. Nicola himself on October 2nd 1992 says: “Mum, trough my cause I will change every rule followed up to now…My cause… is based on my books,…with Father Pio an era of darkness will be closed, with me a new one is opened, that of the Spirit of Truth,…tell the bishop that the solution is my book… it brings back the truth where there is the mistake… the Church must confirm the holy origin of my books…” Dear Nicola, during these twenty years the souls of the good ones have collaborated to God’s Plan in their role, some in the front line, some others by praying : all testimonies collected during these years were sent to the Latin’s Curia, whether those concerning physical healings or the ones regarding conversions but also the one regarding the exhumation of your face, found intact, happened on March 10th 2003. We have continuously informed the Curia of Latina, through the vicar of His Excellence Petrocchi, about our activities and your miracles such as the one of the little Mario, born without brain, that opens new spiritual and scientific horizons. Following your advice we met in 2004, a university teacher of Bioetic in the Vatican University “Regina Apostolorum” of Rome and contacted the Headmaster of the association against the predation of the organs in Bergamo. With God’s help, moreover, from November 2004 to May 2005 we worked on the booklet entitled “Joy by Suffering” a work containing the titles of all your messages that have been organized by topics as you wished: on June 23rd 1990 you said “…only a passionate study of coordination can make clear the truth of the books…” and “mum, it is necessary a booklet that helps to clarify …“. The booklet, entitled “Joy by Suffering”, has been sent to the general Vicar of Latina and is now at the disposal of those who want to get closer to the truth of which you, Nicola, as God wants, are the Speaker. In the recent message of June 16th 2005 Nicola says: “… I tell everybody that things are moving, it’s only a matter of little time and the cause of beatification will start surprisingly . I want to underline again that the cause of beatification is based on my books. Listen to me: ” take and spread them….Listen: each one of you, present here, will be confirmed apostle, apostle of Mary and of the Archangel Nicola, Her defender …..: there will come souls searching for light, comfort and support. It will be the moment to give them my book… don’t impose it but give it with love. Then, it will be me to operate in those souls… You will have the task to pray for every soul that God will send you. Speak, speak of your experience of faith, of the prayer, of the Holy Rosary, speak about Hail Mary. … Be united in the prayer… in group, this group is a gift of Mary to all of you. Take care of it. I repeat, spread the books, speak not so much of your friend Nicola but of the wonder that God did operate in that poor sinner named Nicola making him a saint. He can do so with anybody who wants it.. . My books … are light that enlightens the way, they can’t stay still .. God sends you as apostles, pray the Holy Spirit“.

Important is, moreover, the message on June 9th 2004 where Nicola claims that the economic help for his cause of beatification will also come from the donations for his books.

Nicola, please, obtain for us the gift of a true faith, strengthen our faith, you that are the apostle of faith. You, promulgator of God’s Kingdom, guide us “…every day of our life …

We believe it is necessary to thank all your friends for what they have done in these twenty years but in a special way we want to thank your mother, Pina, because God’s plan on you, Nicola, starts in 1927 when God begins to make her a perfect channel: a work lasted sixty years through her pains. Thank you, Pina, thanks with all our heart. We want to say you this using the same words of your son Nicola who, in his message of December 10th 1993, tells you “…thanks mum because you have written them with tears of blood…“.

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